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Keep Dollars Local

Over the past decade, districts around Ohio have observed a significant number of students leaving their local school districts to attend charter schools like QDA, ECOT, OHVA, OHDELA, TRECA, and Beacon Hill Academy. Garaway is faced with thousands of dollars in lost funding from families electing leaving the district. As a result, Garaway Local Schools has decided that we can offer a significantly better, flexible online program to students. Our online program empowers the district to provide a multitude of options that were previously unavailable to students free of charge.

Garaway Local Schools launched a digital program option in July 2015, Garaway Virtual Academy (GVA), following a successful pilot program. GVA is guided by the same values that have made our school district highly rated. For citizens residing in our district, families will want to join and utilize the GVA option to stay connected to their school community. GVA exists to keep local dollars local and to help prevent the loss of funding which occurs when in-district students elect to leave for options outside of the district. Enrolling into GVA rather than seeking other options allows a student to support our community and stay attached to the local school district while customizing and individualizing their education in a way that is comfortable for their family philosophy. With GVA, home schooled students are encouraged to enjoy the financial freedoms offered by GVA’s options which are free of charge upon enrollment. Students living outside of the district will want to take advantage of the various options that being a Garaway student offers. GVA students are considered to be the same as brick-and-mortar students from field trips, extra-curricular activities, to earning a Garaway diploma. Additionally, the virtual options available to us allow our district to explore STEM, apprenticeship, and partnership options with local businesses.

Parents are looking for better educational experiences and flexible learning options. Garaway Virtual Academy will achieve both of these goals. If Garaway did not address the growing need for alternative options for students, we would put our district and students at a significant educational and financial disadvantage in the years to come. Programs are discontinued, and teachers and administrative employees are downsized when budgets are cut, so opportunities to maintain enrollment must be supported by the community. Since opening the GVA division in 2015, the district has recovered several thousands of dollars in funding which has allowed Garaway Schools to further address the needs of our district. Garaway Superintendent James Millet states, “We are working to be proactive. It is our duty to serve the students of this district to the best of our ability. We have realized that there is a portion of our students which we could serve that we have not, and through this digital academy, those students will get the flexibility they need. GVA is not meant to push kids from our brick-and-mortar facilities. Instead, we are helping students that are already opting for alternative education to continue receiving support from their local district. The students can also continue to participate in Garaway’s highly respected social and extracurricular activities, which helps them maintain a well-rounded education and thrive.”

Please join us in enhancing our school district in positive, flexible, and innovative ways. For a free online public education, enroll by contacting Chuck Zobel, Virtual Coordinator, at 330-852-4699 or czobel@garaway.org, text ENROLL to 330-248-7863, or click here for more information.

“Enrolling into GVA rather than seeking other options allows a student to support our community and stay attached to the local school district…”

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