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How Do I Enroll?

Step 1:

  • If student is currently enrolled at Garaway Schools, talk to the building principal before taking any other action.
  • If student is not enrolled at Garaway but lives in the Garaway District, call the central office at 330-852-2421 to register.
  • If student is not enrolled at Garaway and lives outside of the Garaway District, call the central office at 330-852-2421 to apply for open enrollment.
  • If there are questions about the program prior to applying/registering, call Chuck Zobel at 330-852-4699.

Step 2: Fill out any/all registration papers.

Step 3: Once we receive all academic records, we proceed from there.

Note: This process can take up to a week to complete; please be mindful of this.

Some things to know about the blended learning program:

  • The ability to use Google and Google applications is a significant portion of the program.
  • Students/parents must be able to download, print out, and return items as attachments on Google docs and email.
  • Blended learning is primarily an online option, some basic knowledge of using a computer is required for both student and parent.
  • Communication is key and since it is an online program, this does mean checking email regularly (daily).  It is also requested that all parents have an available, accessible, and working voicemail.
  • Parents will need to be involved for the program to work.  This does not mean designing curriculum, but there are parent responsibilities in order to provide success for the student.
  • The ability to navigate apps on a cell phone or computer is a part of the blended learning program for both parents and students.
  • It is helpful to have a working printer to print out assignments that student may have to complete manually (or choose to).
  • Flexibility – families must be able to adapt to changes in the program(s).
  • Students will have to attend the lab for a majority of the scheduled school calendar days.
  • The school does not provide Internet outside of the school buildings.  If students are to work on studies at home, families must have an adequate and working Internet connection.